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All students will engage in activities such as lectures, student concerts and competition from 1000h each day, up to various times depending on the schedule.


There will be four categories of participation:


  • Advanced Pianist – the NIPA brings serious young professionals, college piano majors and gifted young pianists together to further their professional development. This category aims to improve your abilities through piano lessons with NIPA faculty, talks and lectures.

  • Aspiring Pianist – this category is catered for pianists who aspire to improve their skills so as to achieve their goals. It provides an experience of the expectations and rigours of the study of piano performance.

  • Inspiring Educator – this category is specifically for members of the pedagogical community. Besides attending the talks, lectures and interacting with fellow musicians, participants will attend a consultation “lesson” with our clinician. The participant will have the freedom of working on a piece of repertoire; or simply engage in a discussion with our clinician on a topic pertaining to their own teaching.

  • Observer – this is for those who wish to attend the lessons, talks and lectures taking place during the Nanyang International Piano Academy. 


*Students from the advanced and aspiring categories may opt to perform in various concerts throughout the event and/or participate in the NIPA competition where they will receive valuable comments from the jury members. (Please see Additional Activities for more details)


Full details, together with the event schedule will be issued to successful applicants.

Lecture Topics

In addition to the lessons and observations of other classes, all participants will also be able to attend the following concerts, workshops and lectures conducted by our clinicians:

  • Opening Gala featuring NIPA faculty on 16 Jan, 7.30pm.

  • Workshop on the new Henle editions of Beethoven Sonatas – Claudius Tanski

  • Lecture Recital: Based on Beethoven Piano Sonatas – Claudius Tanski

  • Lecture Recital: Developing the essential qualities of a promising pianist – Nigel Clayton

  • A holistic approach to piano exams – Loo Bang Hean

Additional Activities

NIPA Student Concerts – Students will be able to sign up to perform in a number of concerts held in various performance spaces on the NAFA campus. Students will then be able to showcase what they have worked on during NIPA and share their music with an appreciative audience. The concerts will be recorded and every performer will receive a video recording of their own performance.


NIPA Competition – Participants may choose to join the NIPA competition, where they will play their work of choice to the esteemed jury panel - our members of the NIPA faculty. Participants will gain valuable stage experience as well as receive comments from the jury panel. Students will receive Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates based on a points award system.

*Please see ‘miscellaneous fees’ for concert and competition categories and  entry charges. Limited places in the competition and performance and subject to availability. 


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