18 Jan - At the request of the jury panel, results of the competition will be announced tomorrow during the Closing Concert.

Message - Chairperson

Dear esteemed fellow musicians, students, parents, colleagues and friends,


It is my pleasure to present to you, the Nanyang International Piano Academy (NIPA) 2020!


The Academy was created to bring together both aspiring and advanced piano students, as well as piano music enthusiasts from around the region, for an intensive four days full of music-making, sharing and learning in a vibrant environment. I hope that the Academy will serve as an opportunity for self-discovery through learning and interacting with like-minded individuals, and to further develop knowledge and understanding. We are honoured to have with us a group of highly established musicians to join us as our faculty; and it is our privilege to have them share with us their knowledge and inspire us with their passion.


During our inaugural event in January of 2019, we were encouraged by the enthusiastic response, which in turn spurs us to continue to bring you lectures and workshops relevant to current musical issues. Our event back in January saw many pedagogues. From the feedback and discussion with participants, we worked to expand the Academy by creating a new category —“Inspiring Educators”.


I am certain that this event will be a fruitful and rewarding experience, and I hope to meet everyone very soon and together, bring music-making to an even higher level!

Ms Lena Ching

Chairperson, Nanyang International Piano Academy

Vice-Dean, NAFA School of Music


The Nanyang International Piano Academy (NIPA) is an annual gathering of like-minded music lovers with the common goal of pursuing a higher standard of music making. Each year, music lovers gather for an intensive 4-day musical experience that offers each participant a place to grow musically in a fun and exciting learning environment. With carefully curated programs to foster deeper musical understanding, NIPA aims to create a community comprising of visiting professors, professional artistes, piano pedagogues and young pianists from around the region. The Academy provides opportunities for piano students to learn under renowned faculty members from overseas and Singapore. Also all participants are free to attend other lessons as much can be learnt from the observation itself.

NIPA 2020 Opening Gala


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